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Callum Pitt Shares ‘Away From The Rousing Parades’. “There’s More Living, Remaining For You.”

When the harmonies hit, they can give you the kind of goose-bumps you want from such a marching of Americana. “Go there and get your own.” What’s the best or the worst that can be cultivated from the vastness of your footprint?

For your footprint is small, miniscule.

Nay. Not so.

There are many Universes that can be vanquished within your circle of influence.

Dig out what that something of uniqueness is…that makes you, ‘YOU’.

CALLUM PITT’s ‘Alway From The Rousing Parades’ makes that vacuous hollow feeling, disappear for a moment. Turning into grey, turning into the darkness of our made-up self-induced backwoods.

Round out that son-of-a-gun attitude.

There’s more living, remaining for you.

Callum guarantees it.



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