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Callus Give Graceful Medical Advice In ‘Rust (Keep Your Heart)’. “Saving Multiple Worlds From Loneliness.”

In an unprecedented turn of events, CALLUS has recommended that you ‘Keep Your Heart safe from Rust’. In the year 3050, the flood of couples and individuals succumbing in a sort of ‘love-lost-syndrome’ was rampant and spreading world-wide. Recently there has been sightings of the now dreaded epidemic, within the Gliese district of the Tertiary Galaxy. This is recent and bad news for the people of Earth 2, in that quadrant.

“I don’t know what happened,” woman in her 20’s said in a street interview. “Derrek just shut down, and turned pale. I suspected that it was that L-L-Syndrome.”

“Are you afraid you’d catch it too?” the news reporter, asked.

“I’m so afraid. I don’t know what I’ll do if one of my family members…or me…or my children catch this thing!” she shrieked, into the camera.

“There you have it guys, the panic is real on Earth 2’s population. From the government’s point of view, the symptoms are treatable, but they have been doing a very poor job of educating the public about what steps to take in prevention, and if they think they have L-L-Syndrome, what they should do about it. So far, the best advice has been from the band CALLUS, and their single ‘Rust (Keep Your Heart)’. There have been reports of their single helping to break the fever, and getting people back to their normal lives.”

That year was tumultuous at best for the worlds’ populations.

However, the L-L-Syndrome subsided. Loneliness, and sorrow soon were helped by action.

“Thank goodness for Callus’ sonic remedy!” Stephanie, a marketing manger said in a street interview.

CALLUS is a Stockholm, Sweden based electo-pop band who formulates beautiful sounds, and sometimes, saves multiple worlds from loneliness.



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