Calming River ‘Feather by Feather’ : Delicate embers of emotions, the didactic appendages of thought and action

Calming River

Inspired by Madeleine Albright’s non-fiction ‘Fascism’, the track plays on Benito Mussolini’s despotic approach to the erasure of civil liberty, one-by-one, feather-by-feather, an almost imperceptible change that eventually removes all. Beautiful like delicate embers of emotions, the didactic appendages of thought and action, glint in the folds of ‘Feather by Feather’.

Underground British alt-folk songwriter Joshua Malcolm, aka Calming River, has been losing a war against mainstream appeal for several years—occasionally a battle is won and someone recognizes the depth of the murky undercurrent—but typically Malcolm’s work is tossed in the ‘abstract’ category for a rainy day.

Malcolm spent several years outside the UK prior to returning (mistakenly?) in the 2018. His travels broadened his style and collaborations: time in Denmark lead to the productive partnership with Aarhus musician Rasmus Nielsen, whose juxtaposed distorted guitar flowed somehow with Malcolm’s classically-tinged guitar style.

The track is a pre-cursor to a future and more expansive 2020 release.


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