Calvin Decline ‘Taxi’ : Effervescence in traditions of Swedish indie rock. So very good, indeed.

Calvin Decline

Following their debut, ‘Start A Fire’, the Swedish punk rockers latest, ‘Taxi’, oozes energy and attitude. Best accompanied with an alcoholic drink and the glow of the city lights, the song is a homage to drunken nights out.

“You know, the occasions where you consume twelve beers, two vodka shots, and a pint of rum in one sitting, then try and flirt with the bouncer. The evening ends in a Taxi, and the poor driver has to take you through a McDonald’s drive-through at 3 am to order £20’s worth of cheeseburgers. That hasn’t happened to you?”

Definitely not just Calvin Decline. For sure.

With euphoric ‘bring it on’ attitude, ‘Taxi’ is another card for Calvin Decline’s effervescence in the best traditions of indie rock that Sweden does so well. Axel Dagman, Richard Wedberg, Olga Günther and Olof Sjöberg are together Calvin Decline. And you should try a taste, and see what ‘personal urges’ can come about.

No shaming. Just loving what and whom you are.

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Less than 2 weeks left til' TAXI drops! 🚕🚕🚕

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