Camden Welles ‘L.E.S.’ : Charming deposition for lust and life’s little challenges

Camden Welles

Camden Welles is a group from NYC that could have been born in a different decade. The sensibilities of pop music that comes in the best lyrical traditions of Phil Collins, Toto, and Christopher Cross comes out of the single ‘L.E.S.’ From the 4 track EP ‘Cold Blue Light’, the band continues to recognize lyrical story telling, pop hooks, and charming deposition for lust and life’s little challenges. They tell of harrowing personal glimpses, wrapped in victorious hymns from the battlefield in existence.

“Cities can capture memories. Walking down a specific block in the East Village can bring specific moments in time back to life. LES is about finding those familiarities.”

Camden Welles should be part of your rotation.


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