Cameron Hawthorn ‘To Break Hers’ : Music enforces with that gentle touch of her’s upon yours. Powerful and evident.

Cameron Hawthorn / Photo: @matthewhollerphoto

“Navigating dating is a difficult process in general, and I hate that when it doesn’t work out, someone usually gets hurt. For me, there was an added level of why it would never work out with this girl, and it wasn’t until coming out and looking back on the relationship and breakup that I was truly able to process it all.”

From love to loss. From blind to enlightenment. Cameron’s care and persistence for reaching out – never giving up – on the thing that really matters. Holding out his hands, his music enforces with that gentle touch of her’s upon yours – slight, but powerful and evident as the universe.

It matters. ‘To Break Hers’, matters.

With love and affection. Cameron Hawthorn.

Influenced by the likes of Johnny Cash, Elvis, James Taylor and Fleetwood Mac, Cameron’s memory of song drenches you with a multi-genre brilliance and shine.

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