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Cameron Smith • Sur Duda – Paper Knife

“Punk. You’re a damn punk.” All depends who is saying this, which context, tone, doesn’t it? It can be a bad thing, or a good thing. Who knows. But in Cameron Smith Sur Duda’s Paper Knife, it’s in the “you damn sh*t-ho*e, you putting it down like banana split sundae – creamy, delectable, and punk-ballad-as-punk-can-get.

Just like Smith’s ‘Sur Duda’ alter ego, the radical and ‘get out of my way’ kind of attitude is still with us – as it does in his other band, War Party.

“Do you feel lucky? Punk?”

That’s from the Dirty Harry movie with Clint Eastwood as the designated ‘Dirty Harry’.

And just like the preverbal roll of the dice, that’s how Smith likes to do things, with Paper Knife.

It’s subtle.

It’s charming.

It’s radical.

It’s subdued.

It’s dark.

It’s light.

It’s a veiled threat.

It’s in the wide open.

The mix of mediums within one song is a ‘mix bag’, but Smith’s content management is done right. It’s catchy, and the song works as it is how weirdly pop-punk it is.

His vocals glue things together, as usual, with that raspy low rakeiness – just like popular traditional punk singers of past.

Kudos, Cameron. Kudos.

We dig it.

He’s rep’ed by Dreamy Life Records, out of Fort Worth Texas.

‘Paper Knife’ is the title track of Cameron’s first full length album, dropping on November 25, 2017.



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