Camilla North ‘Amazing’ : Everybody needs a “feel good” song like that.

Camilla North

The song is written together with Tony Malm who has produced songs of artists such as Anastacia, and Carola to name a few. Camilla said “the song is about a meeting with a person where everything just clicks. The feeling of tingles in your stomach, nervousness, joy and chaos; everything at once. Which makes you feel amazing.” In 2017 Camilla was invited to write and perform her own song in Eurovision for San Marino.

The song she wrote to the finals is called ‘Yo No Soy Tu Chica’ and was listed on Norwegian Radio channels. There will be more good tunes coming from Camilla in the times ahead. She can admit that she’s currently doing a very exciting collaboration with some high classified producers. More about that she can’t reveal right now, but she says she can’t wait to tell us. She hopes that her new single ‘Amazing’ will make you feel the urge to dance and smile.

Everybody needs a “feel good” song like that.


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