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Camp Cope – Done

Camp Cope’s Done is a solid embalming of today’s indie-pop/rock, which has been infused with the attitude and strength of an exciting arrangement of audible, contextual signals. The song blends the essence of what current indie trends are, and then really, really give it a cool and hip directive to follow.

And follow we did (and continue to follow).

The song is galvanized a bit more, because of this release of a live session. The band highlights well, the purpose of what the band brings, and neatly puts on the plate for us to digest. Their offering, especially in Done, is easily soluble, easy on the brain nerves, easily understandable, and casually repeatable (for sure).

There’s a reason the group is in a hot streak in 2017. All well deserved, for they’ve been ‘ready-steady’ in their output and consistency. Their Pitchfork review in 2016 was good for them, as well as the one from Rollingstone Australia.

And we dig the song and Camp Cope. Looking forward to the band’s 2018 tour dates and adventures.

Kudos ladies, kudos.

Camp Cope:

Say hi on their Twitter accounts. The gals are sweet and funny:
Georgia Maq
Sarah Thompson
Kelly Dawn Kelso


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