Camp Howard Shares ‘Don’t Say Shit You Don’t Mean’.

Luxurious indie guitar play, swept up by the gaudy truths of relationships gone awry – tell tale sounds of goodness found in the folksy, indie-pop seduction that emanate from the gang in CAMP HOWARD, just kicks it into a slacker-love gear and never want to let go of your t-shirt.

The harmoniously decadent build to the ominous trails of failed attempts at love and the brew of communication (or the lack there of) comes to fore in the vast ‘lessons learned’ within the lyrics of ‘Don’t Say Shit You Don’t Mean’, say lots.

Riotous in its own subtle way, the song works in various ways, tickling and prodding.

Headed by Nic Perea and Wes Parker with Matt Benson and Brian Larson, completing the circle, the Richmond Virginia based band rights the mindset of any individual going through mental lapses and seemingly insurmountable depressions. The overcoming of day-to-day struggles beautifully sway inside the lens of the band. Collectively sighing and breathing deeply, as to have the walls of the world crumble away.

Dig it.

The band next plays at Kings in Raleigh North Carolina August 16th.


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