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Candide Baby // Rauður // The Waah-Kim Tribe // Temples of Youth // Jovi Skyler

Candide Baby – Pantheon

CANDIDE BABY from Sweden is raw. From one to the next, they are raw, naked, and want the world to know through their emotive hard-rock exploits. Distorted music for “distorted people and a distorted world” is what the band calls it. Made up of musical rebels Herman der Nederlanden, Robert Nord, and Robin Velander, the band’s URGE is what you hear. It is the band’s TEMPERAMENT that you vibe. It is the band’s ENERGY that makes you sweat. And all of the above is what you need to get your boots moving to another level of rock n’ roll. The band stated: “It is music that shouts out its political depression and wants to pay tribute to the oppressed.” Noble and proud. Our kind of gumption.

Rauður – Himinbjörg

Oddly penetrating. Intelligently vexing. Altruistically contemplating. The music of Iceland based artist Rauður is a vision for the ears. ‘Himinbjörg’ is her latest adventure, put on the sheets of radio waves of heart and crystal decadence. Mystical delicacy like this single is an electrified choir of voluptuously complex and of intuitive simplicity. The song is off of the upcoming debut album ‘Semilunar’. A dark but buoyant settlements of songs align, beautifully with the singer/songwriter’s unique perspective into the musical world. The fascinating single juxtaposes with intrinsic rebellion, as it coaxes with beautiful and uplifting visions of disasters that make humans – human. It’s a different way of looking at the Universe, albeit a Universe invariably created by Rauður. A world we’d like to stay and roam, for as long as possible.

The Waah-Kim Tribe – Mundane Mardy Life

Three piece from Scunthorpe, England, is that tasty pint of goodness that lives within our rebel selves. This new single ‘Mundane Mardy Life’ sees the sound of the band move forward and aggressively – as it keeps on satisfying their fans with appetizing vocals and Oasis-like familiarity. The stadium band with the stadium heart, brings singalong chorus tailor made for the masses, and small venues alike. Radio is on their sights and that journey surely will solidify even further with this single. Fabulous fun.

Temples of Youth – Rose Tinted

There are no words that can describe the satisfaction we feel when listening to TEMPLES OF YOUTH. The duo with a fantastic vibe for the atmospheric, casts hues of incandescent enlightenment with their songs – so very easily, and unassumingly. ‘Rose Tinted’ is their latest envoy towards the thing that you call your heart, and it strikes up ALL of the right regalia of pomp and circumstance you feel within the realm of love and affection. From the first note to the last, the guitars immediately put us back to an amalgam of memories of past lovers and loves. From there al of the juices of the right concoctions in lust and glory, seeped pungently into our psyched. Without hesitation, we froze and smiled, and reminisced to that glorious fault. And certainly – isn’t that what you want to feel from a well crafted song? See TOY next at Guildhall Winchester in Hampshire UK September 27th.

Jovi Skyler – Rocket

“The song is about a girl who develops a drug habit during difficult times and struggles with addiction and the mental anguish it brings her.” Exhilaration is what JOVI SKYLER offers in ‘Rocket’. Excitement is the glitter that is strewn all over your face. Wide open grunge/garage decadence is hidden in the folds of this song. With anthemic vocal attentions, and lyrics of another level, the hung over deliverance of the song is crystal clear with Weezer/Nirvana-like grit and mesmerizingly attractive authority. Look for more and an EP by the end of this year from Jovi. We’re ready. Let’s go for a ride.


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