Candy ‘Clean’ : Wiggle with Candy, yo.


Melbourne’s Candy (Calum Newton) today shares new single, ‘Clean’, with that fabulously 80’s vibin’ video. Candy has a propensity for literate lyrics, and an aptitude for catchy, dense songwriting.

“I can’t see a future here, this world will burn and you’ll be there with your two hands around my throat,” said Candy. “My mother texted me a while back saying she was packed and ready to go if the fires found their way to her farm. I’ve never really known of collective anxiety and found myself, along with many others I know, really overwhelmed with the whole situation of Australia’s crumbling climate and lack of government intervention.”

“I think as individuals we need to take action and try our best, however it’s hard not to feel like whatever you do is in vain as we’re slowly being strangled by the lack of empathy from these huge corporations purely.. focused on their pockets. With the recent events of this pandemic I find this song remains pertinent to the times and maybe you’ll find some solace or enjoyment from it. Who knows?”‘


Wiggle with Candy, yo.


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