Candy Terror ‘How Does It Feel’ : Now. Let’s vibe, the way you know how.

Candy Terror

“This is all about beat and bass, we always missed that heavy groove you can listen and enjoy without any other instruments And with this song our band going virtual, now we making animated music video in Rick-and-Morty-like fantasy universe.”

Candy Terror is a virtual band of two nameless members – bassist and drummer. Their fictional universe presented in music video for single How Does It Feel inspired by the animated TV shows like Rick And Morty or Futurama.

Concept. Written.

Future. Is now.

Let’s vibe, the way you know how.

The grunge-tastic visions of Candy Terror makes the ticket to admission, worth a dang while.

The duo originates from Kyiv, Ukraine and we are looking forward to more.


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