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Cannons // GA3TAN // Teddi Gold // Sabrie // JAYS

Easton Schirra

Cannons – Talk Talk

Melodious grooves, sultry vocals, drenched in the Alpine scent of gracious and longing feelings in spectrum – all embraced by the notions of CANNONS’ latest single ‘Talk Talk’. And with that embrace, the trio continues with the understated vibrancy that keep their fans tuned in. Formed in 2013 when childhood friends Ryan Clapham and Paul Davis met Michelle Joy, the band casts a focused and delectable net of impinging stories of sacrifice, to the alternative views in the fight for the hearts and minds in the battlefield of love. With songs that have been placed in HBO’s first season of Ballers, and used to soundtrack the rollout for Kendall & Kylie Jenner’s Topshop line, the band keeps things moving forward, as their sound becomes ever more robust and heartfelt. Look for more from this fab synth-pop trio as they will drop their newest album ‘Shadows’ this summer.

GA3TAN, KeyAra – Waste My Time

“I produced ‘Waste My Tme’ with keyAra in my little home studio in Haiti,” said GA3TAN. “It’s a really catchy song with a happy vibe on it!” Seventeen year old GA3TAN comes with innocence and ambience in his single. And that exact thrust and invocation, gives the simple and textures single a voice for clarity and vibrancy. GA3TAN has been producing since 2013 in the electro house, deep house, and progressive house sub-genres. Seems dance-pop will a big addition to his CV, as ‘Waste My Time’ congregates and hangs its certain charm at the door of our senses. Tropical but none-the-less worldly, GA3TAN does a tasteful vibe in this single. Looking forward to more from GA3TAN.

Teddi Gold – Video Games

Depending on your perspective, TEDDI GOLD’s charming single is either about ‘jealousy’ or of ‘taunt’. A ‘challenge’ is the undertone of the song, as Teddi keeps it real and says she’s ‘more fun than your video game’. At the height of the song, it might be construed as an ‘ultimatum’ of sorts, for the tone changes slightly as the end of the song come to an abrubt and succinct ‘reminder’ to the possible future ex. Deja vu, to be honest, for many of us at the other end of the deal, as video games are, to be true, more fun sometimes than the relationships we are in. But that just says more about the gamer than the protagonist in this son, for ‘hiding’ in a game, not confronting the relationship is ‘cowardice’ in its own right. No? Just us? Anywho. TEDDI GOLD is refreshing and so very cute in this particular single. From the same cloth as an artist like Lily Allen, it’s hard not to be engrossed in the words of Teddi. Colorful, self-aware, and not shy about social commentaries, Teddi is your gal.

Sabrie – Get High

Electro-pop is SABRIE. Experimental in her arrangements, she is pop goodness that is beautiful to acknowledge and love. Perfectly placed loops, sexy and raspy vocals, and all saturated by the harmonies of her dream-pop energies, coalesce to become a new world of her own. ‘Get High’ is part of her upcoming debut EP that will drop in November 2019. ‘Millennial depression’ is name of the game for this particular single, as the oddly attractive music of SABRIE entangles our senses with layers of colors and tones. Will we be able to escape SABRIE’s decadent and musical clutches? Should we get high with her? That’s a question to be decided after the end of this song.

JAYS – Misfits

Twenty five old Australian pop artist JAYS brings ‘Misfits’. It’s about what we are at a certain stage of life. It’s the time to do the best you can, for yourself, with priorities for exploring and succeeding the way you imagined it. Co-written with Dylan Bowes, James Maas and Antia McCloud and produced by Dylan Bowes, ‘Misfits’ is more than just a pertinent song that promotes acceptance, but acts as a mission statement for JAYS and his artistic vision. Catchy, hooky, modern, pop – from the distinct vocals to the chorus, the song is meant to be sung together while the juices of life pushes through the undulations of living in this world.


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