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Canshaker Pi ‘Pressure From Above’: So, mock me honey. It’s good stuff.

Dig this: You are sitting on the shore of Manhattan Beach in California. Off in the distance is ‘something’. It’s getting closer, and closer – drifting toward shore, leveraging the currents. There’s a sound. Punk? Rock? It fills your body with guitar warmth and small but mighty salvation.

Washed up on shore, with the Red, White, and Blue of the Netherlands’ colors on shoulder – are these folks in the band Canshaker Pi. And their ‘Pressure From Above’, just tickles our fancy – and for others too.

Where it seemed to be hours, the far off gleam of nu-punk-rock, gently rode the breaking waves to come ashore.

It was a raft, and on top of it was one mast and a large wooden box.

Weirdly, the whole set-up was made of wood, but in the sun, it gleamed and shimmered.

And there seemed to be ‘guitar playing’.

You turn back, left, and right – to get a reading on where the sound was coming from.

But it seemed to be coming from that large wooden box on the raft.

You walk forward. Closer to it.

The ‘guitar sound’ gets bit louder, and louder with every step.

You’re one foot away from the box, now. You’re understandably nervous.

Open it.

Feel it.

It drenches you.

And you like it.

So, mock me honey.

It’s good stuff.

Canshaker Pi is rep’ed by RIP Records, working out of London.

The band has a busy schedule touring, starting in December in the UK, then back in the Netherlands by end.

We really dig the sound the gang in the band is producing.

It’s a refreshing take that we welcome, very much.

Kudos, Canshaker Pi. Kudos.



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