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Can’t make it physically to see the solar eclipse? Watch it online! Here’s how.

Unless you’re in a select few spots where the “path of totality” exists, it’s going to be hard to view one of natures fantastic events directly.

But wait, aren’t we in the 21st century and have like the thing called the Internet?

Well, you’re right! We all have access to it!

So, most of us won’t be able to view it directly, but we can be fan-boys and girls, and watch the event online!

NASA TV – it’s NASA’s public education YouTube channel and we all can view the event here! CHF will be watching from this channel. Just sayin’ =D

Astronomy.Com – has its own YouTube live-stream page already set & in 4K! You just have to remind yourself to visit on Aug. 21st.

(3) – another great page to view the solar eclipse!

ScienceChannel.Com – want science? They’ve got science! And live stream of solar eclipse.


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