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Caoilfhionn Rose Shares Debut Title Single ‘Awaken’ Off Of Upcoming 13 Track LP. Drops Oct 12th.

On October 12th, Caoilfhionn (pronounced Keelin) Rose will drop her debut album. And when it does, we feel that her stories within the album will be fabulously accepted and enjoyed by her current and future fans.

To start things off for her quest, she’s released the title single ‘Awaken’. It is a wispy breeze of a song, which takes you to a place of solace and comfort. A place that only you can enter and toss the keys behind you. A loving place where no-one can deem outrageous, and anything your heart’s desire can muster.

Caoilfhionn hails from Manchester (UK) and from her self-proclaimed eclectic taste in music, she evolved her ways in constructing and philosophizing a song.

“I’ve always been interested in music but I really started to get into it after a period of illness when I was 17. It was music that made me begin to feel like myself again. Listening to my iPod, everything felt new and exciting and yet vaguely familiar and nostalgic.”

From what we’ve heard through this single ‘Awaken’, she won’t be pushed into any specific genre. We think she can fit anywhere, and however she’d like. ‘Awaken’ is an example of crossing pop, folk, and world. It is just a joy to listen to, while it takes away the ‘edges’ of a hard and long day’s stresses.

We think Caoilfhionn would love for us to feel that way.


Let’s all look forward to her new album, and see what treasures lie inside.

Never know what’s going to happen.



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