Caper Parade Shares ‘Spots’. “Fun. Joyful. Loving. Meet the boys.”

Fun. Joyful. Loving. That’s what we get when we ‘get’ CAPER PARADE’s body of work. Funky, groovin’ single ‘Spots’ is a testament to classic rock that clicks with the modern sensibility in all of its glory.

Reminiscent of the best traditions of bands the Bee Gees, The Beatles, Prince, The Allman Brothers, and so forth, the trio of artist, Aksel Undset, Leo Geller, and Tom Miller, continues to deliver with the kind of authenticity that is becoming and resoundingly fabulous.

Formed in 2014, the band has continued to love the energies from festivals and gigs in England and across Europe.

And with delightful writing and effortless guitar jams, the trio are just made for the stage.

We’re sure glad they exist, to be sure.


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