Car and Driver ‘Honey’ : The creaking squeeze of the inner emotions – initially undetectable – forging a bond.

Car And Driver

Off of the latest EP ‘Honey​/​Are Ya Ok’, ‘Honey’ is a jangly subtlety of nocuous reservations, put onto paper then in to form of audible waves in particles. And when it amplifies through the haze of living, it resonates. One step, two step, three – the creaking squeeze of the inner emotions – initially undetectable – forges a bond with Car and Driver’s calm and placid, reticence of longing and profundity.

“Created as a modern take on 60’s surf pop love songs, ‘Honey’ was written to be a lighter song of sorts as compared to my previous music,” said the Brooklyn based artist. “I was experimenting with simple chord progressions and lyricism, and fascinated by how many of the bands I admire were able to say so much and come across as so authentic and original despite that. As I studied their music more, I became very detail oriented as far as instrumentation and production go.”

The salt and pepper of the EP, tastes in balance. The project initiates with a certain timbre of whim and seriousness, that at the outset, never over does its presence, nor its self assuredness. Car and Driver’s fun factor lies within its folds, and welcomes your thoughts and feedback.



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