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Car Seat Headrest – War Is Coming (If You Want It)

Car Seat Headrest’s War Is Coming (If You Want It) is a song about ‘not murdering people’, the band states. Calm, and kind of a slow ‘warning’, the song tries to be blunt, as a song can be. And succeeds.


Yes. War is a big undertaking.

Lots of planning, strategizing, mapping, supporting – killing and being killed is the fudge on top.

Logistics takes a majority of the money, for a well funded military machine.

There are skies to roam.

There are mountains to climb.

There are deserts to traverse.

There are Oceans to skip.

And then, there is personnel to feed.

Although killing is expensive, it happens, for power, glory, political will.

Then there is the ‘decision’ to go to war.

So, we think, the ‘If You Want It’ part of the song deserves more emphasis.


Wars are happening everyday. Killing happens everyday.

Decisions to ‘make War’ on another group, happens every year.

But the trigger is pulled, by a group, by an individual – to make that move; or to instigate it.

It’s their choice.

A despicable choice.

‘If You Want It’, you’ll get it.

We wake to see the grayed-out sky, tattered and ripped.
Every second goes by, with hunger and pain.
Decimation, toil, death, the smells.
Killed and be killed, for that is our life, in war.

Too much sentiment about this song?

Too much rambling on our part? Maybe =D

Anywho, it’s a thought. A novel method of warning. And for the band, seems it is important enough to say something about it.

Certainly, music is one way to express.

We’re glad the gang in the band, did.



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