Caravãna Sun ‘Afterlife’ : Chilling goodness charm its way into that which is unpredictable.

Caravãna Sun

Aussie surf-rockers, Caravãna Sun kicks off the rarity of another sun filled day of your life, with ‘Afterlife’. The rockin’ crush of simmering longitudes, the misconception of chilling goodness charm its way into that which is unpredictable.

Formed in 2010 with original members Luke (guitar/vocals) and Ant (bass/vocals), the band was complete with permanent members, and pals, Chris (keys/vocals) and Smithers (drums).

“I feel there is light and darkness in this song, classic Yin and Yang,” explained Luke. “I sing the verses which are darker and cryptic, while Ant sings the choruses, which are lighter and more uplifting, asking the question if the afterlife exists.”

What is out there? We don’t know. But there is one thing that is certain: it’s the here and now. And through it, there is a chance to mold the future, and maybe, even the afterlife.

One can wish, no?

Kick it with the chill goodness of Caravãna Sun.


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