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CARDINAL BLACK Shares ‘Jump In’. “Such Beautiful Echoes Of Sorrow And Mercy.”

The echoes of her call, broke my heart – or I could not reach her; could not touch her; could not see her beautiful face again.

I remember her breath up against my neck, with the rhythms of her heart, signaled with the umbrage in her desires. I was a man with no will, as she kissed my ear, and caressed my head with her confident and lustful fingers. Her quickening actions were amplified, as her soul became close to mine, and mine to her’s.

“You are mine,” she echoed into my ear. “I am yours.”

We kissed passionately.

We made love as we’d been apart for decades.

Then one day, she vanished, like a puff of northern breeze. She abandoned me.

She left me to rot, in this loveless hell.

But I love her still. Forever in my heart, her echoes will live and thrive – to my detriment.

‘Jump In’ is a fantastic debut single by the newly formed band named CARDINAL BLACK. And the Cardiff UK based band brings the right qualities in song construction we at CHF adore (folk, soul, rock, pop). And listening to ‘Jump In’, that quality of care and passion, in the lyrics and in the arrangement, is quite glorious.

The vocals, the guitar solo, the ‘feels’ – it’s all there for your potential goose-bumps to come alive.

If ‘Jump In’ is an indication of what’s to come, then we can’t wait to see where this is going.


The band consists of: Tom Hollister, Nick Kelly, Adam Roberts, Chris Buck and Owen Glastonbury.



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