CARDS Shares Cool Little Diddy ‘One Too Many Movies’. Take A Chill. Think. Be Free.

Regrets are heavy on your shoulders; like a ton of bricks. A ton of boulders. Like the heavy gaze of the one who loved you, but was betrayed by you. You were the culprit. You were the guilty party. But you made it like it was her fault. You regret that; the actions you took, in spite of the facts. You made her cry. But worse, you made her become disappointed in you. At that moment, she divorced you; in mind, in her mind, in her soul.

The chill effects the one who’s naked. That night you were naked; trying your best to dig into what you’d done wrong. Everything was wrong. You were wrong. You are wrong.

The next day you regretted. Continued the reminiscing, like nothing happened. Just like another day, was just…well, another day.

You pretended that she was out of your mind. Your heart. Your soul.

Pretending becomes heavy on your shoulders; like a ton of bricks.

This soulful diddy continues CARDS’ modern sounds into the next half of 2018.

And we dig it.

Get soulful. Dig it.


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