Carey Clayton ‘I Wish I Had My Bicycle’ : “Is a day dream of returning to simpler childhood times.” ‘Matinee’ is out now.

Carey Clayton

“‘I Wish I Had My Bicycle’ is a day dream of returning to simpler childhood times,” said Carey Clayton. “Floating in a sea of lush guitars and warm synths, this song propels forward with a bit of a chill tropical vibe as the drums kick in. Overwhelmed in an world consumed by electronics and connectivity, this is song is about the feeling of letting that all go and just going for a ride on your bicycle.”

Returning to his native Los Angeles after an intense period in New York hustling as a live performer and producer, Clayton aims to recapture the sense of awe of the natural world that initially fueled his artistic vision.

“I think a lot of artists are misguided that they need to go to a traditional ‘recording studio’ to have their songs sound good when what they need is someone to help them with the vision and the execution of it. It no longer works to just record your band’s live set. You don’t wanna be predictable. You want to be special. You need attention to detail, to parts, and musical arrangement way before you think about how you’re mixing the snare drum. And you can do that with a laptop and a vision. Of course the gear helps thought.”

Clayton has helped carve out sonic signatures for numerous and diverse artists as a producer and instrumentalist and his aesthetic sense has found a voice in every project in which he involves himself.

‘Matinee’ is out now.


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