Cariss Auburn ‘Too Tired To Sleep’ (Video) : Joys of life and love, with ease and gorgeous vocals.

Cariss Auburn

Angelic vocals, tantric vibes, soulful injection of beauty and love – Cariss Auburn’s single ‘Too Tire to Sleep’ contends with the heart-ful joys of life and love, with ease and gorgeous vocals.

“My music is a form of personal catharsis and because of that, often covers the sadder emotions in life, but always with a little optimism – either in the lyrics or the music itself,” said Cariss. “My new single, ‘Too Tired To Sleep’ was inspired by the insomnia I experience from time to time. It’s almost as though I lose the motivation to sleep because it means starting another day. My mind won’t shut off, so I stay up to try and get tired enough to sleep – but thinking about sleeping just becomes another pressure! The song was a result of me navigating the frustration of being trapped in this loop’.

Cariss Auburn is a melodic and soulful singer-songwriter and self-taught producer from Wolverhampton, UK. With influences that range from 80s funk and soul to 90s r&b, the sultry vibes of this magnetic songstress brings the undulating gifts of this single, to the fore.


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