Carla Stella ‘Fairytales’ : No matter what others may say.

Carla Stella

Longing streams of consciousness, befell the disheartened chime of living. A brazen antipathy, Carla Stella’s seemingly simple composition, brings utter heft in construction and complexity in story.

A willing pop goodness, ‘Fairytales’, deliberates in psyche tinged shoegazy-ness, which combine to conjure the right moments of dreams and its sublimate contexts.

“This fairytale world is meant to be an utopian picture of our world today,” said Carla. “It is about fantasizing how our world could look like if we all took action to fight global problems together. By asking ‘Do you think we are all storytellers?’, I am asking whether the listener believes we as humans have the power to ‘write’ our world’s story plot in order to make it a more equal, fair, sustainable, cruelty free, and happy place.”

When the world deems you ‘useless’, your instincts of getting stronger is the right move. And in that realization, you’ve become another version of you – in the hopes of delivering on a promise to oneself – to survive and to thrive.

No matter what others may say.


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