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Carly Paradis // Trunky Juno // Dan Edmonds // Barland Garnett // Opeongo

Carly Paradis – The Crushing Weight Of History (Feat. Jonas Bjerre)

‘The Crushing Weight of History’, featuring Mew’s Jonas Bjerre, is the opening track from Carly Paradis’ third solo album, ‘Nothing Is Something’, out November 29th. Carly is a composer and neoclassical artist through and through — has composed an album of staggering beauty that veers into unexpected paths, such as the Stereolab-esque track ‘The Crushing Weight of History’. Carly stated: “It was an honor to work with so many talented singers and artists I adore, and see how they interpret my work. For me, the different voices embody the concept that life’s essential growing pains and feelings are not just mine but shared by everyone, and when you think there’s nothing, it’s actually something. Whether the space in the sky above us, or the feeling of hopelessness, it’s still something, and I find that comforting and universal”.

Trunky Juno – It’s a Trip

Overflowing. That’s what this is. Love scooped up with a heaping plunge of the ice cream scooper. Click. Click. Separate the stickiness from the ball of goodness, to see it go away to another bucket of like hearted ice cream friends. Since first emerging with his debut single ‘Small Town’ at the beginning of 2019,the lo-fi frontman has always looked to deliver a multifaceted and eclectic aesthetic to his music. ‘It’s a Trip’ sees Trunky Juno with all levels turned up to the maximum, sounding more pop, more quirky, and more irreverent than ever before, as the track journeys through some very calm and chilled verses, towards the most hard hitting and anthemic chorus of Trunky’s unique catalogue so far. See Trunky next @ The Cluny, New Castle upon tyne UK, November 27th. “It’s a nice song, with a nice dog, and it was a lot of fun working on this one…”

Dan Edmonds – Another Try

Dan Edmonds doesn’t like to repeat himself, and on his upcoming album, Softie, he appears in a guise that will likely surprise anyone familiar with his past work. Softie is the Hamilton, Ontario-based artist’s second solo effort following 2016’s Ladies On The Corner, and it’s evident from the sounds on the new collection that Edmonds spent a lot of the three-year interim pushing his songwriting into previously unexplored territory. ‘Another Try’ is about second chances. Happens that his dog was rescued and hence the song. You see a stronger bond appeared when he’d rescued his dog personally. An effort we’re sure his dog appreciated. And even from Dan’s POV, gave himself a fabulous jolt of nostalgia. The song celebrates it in part, and overall, the strain and then relief. The good thing is that when Dan sings it, we’re offered a fabulously sung and delicious dining experience of the senses. Charming touches, to the cautious vocals, the story is told, elongating at parts, and succinct to amplify. See Dan and his talents next @ Mills Hardware, Hamilton November 17th.

Barland Garnett – This Bridge

Barland Garnett is the alias of Brooklyn-based musician Thomas Murphy. His distinct voice is marked by the combination of circuits, machines, and warped orchestral instruments. Barland’s music is born from the synthesis of sparse forest dawns and the creaks of abandoned factories late at night. After the release of the album ‘The Thrill’ of Her Young Life in summer of 2019 as a mission statement, Barland now releases a single every month – an infinite stream of sounds distilled from the Brooklyn air. ‘This Bridge’ is the art you listen to when at the gallery. A cannon throw of noise that is dynamically arranged, to deliver a cinematically vibrant offering. It’s exciting like an action thriller, and dance floor friendly as the best lo-fi party scene. Barland has something real with his latest offerings. Fo sho.

Opeongo – Port Boys

26-year-old singer/songwriter Keegan Trumpour is the man behind Opeongo. From his debut LP, ‘Miasma’, the now Toronto based artist kicks ‘Hopeless’ into high gear, as the surge of energies pound away at the senses of our gleaming visions. Mental health, is a big focus of much of his current works, and with it, he delves deep into what it means to be as such, in this modern era. Thoughtful and thorough, Keegan’s diametrically opposing systems of art mixes mediums of country and pop, to alter the senses of reality with ‘Port Boys’. A witheringly sentimental and longing piano driven single is awesomely poetic and ambitious. The album features appearances by such noteworthy musicians as Daniel Romano, Aaron Goldstein, Aaron Comeau, Carleigh Aikins, and Arif Mirabdolbaghi.


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