Carly Taylor ‘Cardinal Cross’ : Nothing can keep you away from your destiny.

Carly Taylor

Full of zest and delivery, Carly Taylor’s single, ‘Cardinal Cross’, is a vibrance that sings to you, as it builds into a skyscraper of love and awareness.

Offered like vibes of Heart, the rockin’ vision by Carly, ignites your wild imaginations as it carries you through to another realm.

Said Carly: “A “Cardinal Cross” in astrology is when planets square and oppose each other in your birth chart that rule different parts of your life. Planets in my chart were opposing from my personal life, my career, my home and relationships. I had to choose, but not without loss.”

“It’s a story of how I chose my path in life, choosing my music career over love, that spurred a journey of life changes, moving across the country, heartache and learning self respect even if it didn’t satisfy my immediate desires.”

Wasting nothing, the objections of life towards yourself is immediately questioned and you set out for new pastures.

Nothing can keep you away from your destiny.

Feel the energy from Carly’s ‘Cardinal Cross’.


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