Carmanah ‘Best Interest’ : The beating thrust and trust for the good.


Like the rainforests from which their name derives, the steady beat of the west coast can be found within the sound of Carmanah.

The beating thrust and trust for the good, comes like the heart of vibes that artist like Cher and Bob Marley exuded. Now, it carries forth with the sultry mix of intentions and focus of this single ‘Best Interest’.

With one album behind them and one ahead, Carmanah is crafting a musical niche of their very own, a vintage blend of the intuitive and the technical seamlessly woven together by Laura Mina Mitic’s soulfully luminous vocals.

As a collective, share a reverence and respect for humanity and the earth. This shared ethos guides the decisions they make as a band; from being ambassadors for The Jellyfish Project, an educational and movement-building environmental organization represented by a global coalition of musicians; to touring in a retrofitted vegetable-oil driven tour bus, an ambitious project that Ferguson himself has taken on in his own backyard.

Woven into their music is contemporary comment on the current political climate, environmental issues and the human condition


Seek out the goodness of Carmanah. Its members are: Laura Mina Mitic, Pat Ferguson, Mikey Baker, Lo Waight. Graham Keehn and Jamil Demers.


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