Carmody ‘More Than I Miss You’ : Ignites passions of which only you can and will define.

Carmody / Photo: Andrew Cotterill

Carmody’s latest ‘More Than I Miss You’ can’t help but mangle your thoughts of the worst of times, into a bigger and better perspective of where your footprint in life lies. For the betterment in reflection, this single is a beautiful gem that ignites passions of which only you can and will define.

It’s a song of turning the page, in ignorance and restrictions, within. It’s a sum affection for something better, before it goes away.

“’‘More than I Miss You’ is about how words are incapable of expressing the weight of absence. It’s about the distance that comes between you and someone you love. It’s about how to hold to that love and retain that relationship no matter the borders that threaten to divide you.”

Mixing classic poetic folk with lines of shimmering current pop edges, Carmody delights with breathy strength and emotional shimmer of candid revelry. It’s the best we’d heard from Carmody, yet, as the complexity of the song melts into you like soft clouds of sweetness.


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