Carmody Shares Smooth And Sultry ‘Being Without You’.

From her upcoming EP ‘Catching Blue’, London up an coming pop songstress CARMODY makes our hearts melt with the lyrical ambitions of her single ‘Being Without You’.

“I read that grief is what love becomes when someone dies,” CARMODY stated. “It really got me thinking about death – how words feel completely inadequate when you try to comfort someone and how after a while, there is an idea that you should move on. In my music people are often saying to me to write something happier; and although I have done, I’m just more comfortable writing in my ‘blue’ territory. This song is kind of my resistance.”

Sadness comes with the feeling of hope at times. Hope is the silver lining that enthralls you into thinking about the future. The contrasting sides of the two existential concepts, drive us deep into a predictable maelstrom of mental hardships.

But somehow…

Somehow, CARMODY avoids all of that, and just makes us smile, while delivering the truth on being sad and seeing the world in a bluer state.

At the end of the day, we’re okay with that.

How odd songwriting, can be right?

Take a look-see into CARMODY’s talents.

As we did, you’ll be more than surprised at her excellence.



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