Carnival Kid ‘We Used To Shout At You’ : Now let’s shout, dance, and rock on.

Carnival Kid

Round and round, the skies all consume. Hectic – out of bondage and mental exorbitance – you let the roar of your inner heart, thrive. The price is too great. The human cost, is too generational.

“‘We used to shout at you’ is a song about the lack of perspective in my hometown,” said Carnival Kid. “It’s a nervous song full of anger and desperation based on the feeling of seeing your hometown slowly die. And while my family was trying their best to make me stay or at least come back, everything else around almost violently seemed to push me away. There were no jobs, no shops, no perspective for my children and only radical or old people. And while everyone is singing about the clubs in Berlin, this is basically happening everywhere else around.

Circumstances, teach with the power of a Howitzer. Experiences and wishes of escape, rile up the imagination and angst.

Escape he did.

Now let’s shout, dance, and rock on.

Christian Stezycki is the man behind Carnival Kid. He’s a dad, friend, and an artist. He’s got the rock-ness inside, and bursts with the whirl winds, that deliver. With energies that define and defy, helps Christian push the edges of Carnival Kid’s ‘We Used To Shout At You’.


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