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Jacob Rasmussen

Carny – 16 Girl

“’16 Girl’ is an energetic rock song influenced by alternative 90s music. It’s about feeling strongly for a person that is just out of reach while also feeling like their actions have a huge effect on you.” A rockin’ undertone with the waft of memories from her strawberry scented lip gloss – a vibe of stupendous meaning, with the personality of images seared into your soul. That kind of connection does happen sometimes. And maybe, just maybe happens with ’16 Girl’. This is the debut single to CARNY, and the project is that kind of gentle weeping you can get used to. Because, you know what?? You’re worth a damn.

The fin. – When the Summer is Over

Yuto Uchino (vocals, synths and guitar) and Kaoru Nakazawa (bass) are the artists that brings their project the fin., to life. And with it, the duo combines EDM sensibilities and crafty electro-pop rock, into that sliver of area of grandness and grandiose interpretations. The project is a caption to the life that we lead, in moments. And just like end of the summer, and/or the end of a beautiful relationship, this song brings the bitter sweetness, warranted for maximal effect. You have the end. But it must come. So you accept it. Then bop and dance, with a smile.

Sleepy Boy – Island

“The song, plain and simply is about the current state of the UK, it plays on the fact we are literally on an island, we are on our own, we import everything and we need all of the help we can get. The whole “take back our country” ideology originates from the UK’s passive bubble dwellers who have no desire to experience anything on the outside of their social norms and are subsequently lead like sheep forming opinions on propaganda like headlines plastered all over our media “Dishing out your brainwashed opinions direct from last nights’ TV”. The duo of Jam and Haz make simple but thumping songs, and they are a force to be reckoned with. Small doesn’t mean your guts won’t be ripped apart. Big things come in compact packages.

Some Kind Of Liberty – All The People

SOME KIND OF LIBERTY is a Danish, Copenhagen based rock quartet. They are inspired by the classic rock and roll scene and the 90’s grunge scene. Feel that bass line. Feel that sultry caress off of the jazzy tinged arrangement. Like the ghosts of Pink Floyd and Pearl Jam, the vibe you feel, there, in your gut is the growl of intensity ripe with angst and unquestionable assault to your senses. Consisting of Frederik Parnam, Johan Julius Jensen, Frej Visti, and Julius Lundbjerg, the absolute authentic sounds that emanate from these four are an unbearable urge for more and more. The reverberating visions of note for note, brings to light the inevitable to their audience. See them next at Walthers Musikcafé, November 14th in Skanderborg, Denmark and feel the power of Frederik’s vocal perfection, surrounded by his mates’ ambience building rapture in music.

Baby Combat – eMisery & Gloom

BABY COMBAT is a project by Noel Yeo. The NYC based artist, originally from Singapore, has played with bands Shelves, Suchness, and Silverspy. As an experimental outcrop of Noel’s needs and wants, the mix of different genres and style of deliver, are apparent and exciting in ‘Misery & Gloom’. Chuck out out the old, but always remember what had transpired – in the effort to move along in the ever perennial movement of time and space – we chuckle and smile, then wave for what we have. ‘Misery & Gloom’? Nope. Never. Noel wrote this single on his birthday. See. Let’s smile.


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