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Caroline Kole // Davina Michelle // Talu // Rena Hart // Sunset Kids

Caroline Kole – Flow

Delicate skipping and hopping, your day starts the right way with CAROLINE KOLE at your side. The popular maker of earwrom pop melodies that are here for you to shine up that dullness you feel. The Nashville based artist makes things happen when she touches you with the magic wand. Playful, colorful, and just sticky, ‘Flow’ is what we needed. It’s the weekend. Oh yea.

Davina Michelle – Skyward

What an anthem. DAVINA MICHELLE’s ‘Skyward’ delivers with dynamic and plenty poignant statement of purpose and distinction. The curves of the song is blended fabulously in the sleek liquid presentation of the song. Soaring and energizing, the Dutch YouTube star (more than 550k followers) takes it to the Everest of emotions, then gently letting love take care of our worries. See more from this fabulous pop star. Keep your eyes peeled in 2019.

Talu – All Night, Alright

Pop and indie, mash up with distilled fragrances of love and suppositions within TALU’s decadent single ‘All Night, Alright’. Funky and driving, the pop tune traverses the two genres with dexterity, sliding from dreaminess and to soaring elements that just stick like velcro. The UK based 3 piece band was born out of Chenti, and where things paused, TALU helps to keep the chants of story telling alive and flourishing through the trio’s works.

Rena Hart – Clarity

Listen. Just listen. That’s RENA HART’s voluptuous vocals. It sings, like you’d want your heart to sing when see your one and only. And when that relationship poses bumps in the road, you also want RENA HART to be in your corner of this world, to help you ride out the storm. ‘Clarity’ is a chill ambient pop single coming out of the 6 song EP ‘Duality’. It’s very much beautiful and artfully presented. And as Rena’s sultry vocals serenade your mind and subsequent emotions, that anticipation builds, then builds, to a crescendo. A flood of numbness – in a flood of ethereal musical machinations.

Sunset Kids – Fantasy

Canadian singer/guitarist Josh Palmer and Russian-born songwriter Ellaya Zampieri makes what SUNSET KIDS, what it is. “As soon as Ellaya showed up at my studio and played piano, I was just blown away instantly,” Josh remembered. “I could tell that there was a musical bond. That kind of thing either happens or it doesn’t — it’s like magic.” Made for heaven. That’s what it feels like when lightning hits just like that. “When we were writing Fantasy, we were very inspired by the controversial concept of multiple realities. How many people nowadays escape reality to chase their obsessions in some other worlds, like tv’s or computer games…But what if your obsession is unrequited love towards someone. Would you prefer to wake up alone or live happy in your own Fantasy?”. ‘Fantasy’ is their debut album ‘Volcano’, which is to drop soon.


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