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Caroline Lazar Shares Beautifully Sentimental Single ‘Georgia’. Goose bumps.

Racing into the foyer, she glanced at her fleeting image through the looking glass, as she passed. She didn’t recognize that part of her, then. It was a mystery to her, her self, and to her being. She quickly put up her hands to cover her eyes, in the gesture to hide from her mind, what she thought she had become. It wasn’t hideous. But in some sense, the transformation was, in hindsight, a miraculous detriment to the Universal truths that were embedded in her soul. She started to tremble. Her palms up against her eyes, touching her brows, shook with recognition. Then as sudden as the shaking appeared, it subsided.

She put her hands down. And peaked at the looking glass once more.

Her crying had marked her cheeks with black mascara. Her disheveled hair, her sweat from running – it was bizar to see this, she thought to herself.

“I’d never been this vulnerable before.”

Being in love can be a surprise and a treasure. It comes with the kinds of human expectation and nervousness, that is certainly common. It’s not an end to a chapter, it’s a work in progress – a journey to be had. And that journey with a significant other, will take effort.

But let it rain down on you. Let it wash you with the goodness that can be.



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