Carrousel ‘I Wasn’t Well’ : Cinematic vibes in that shimmering of contention.


The title track is one of those fascinations, where Sharon Piedt’s shining vocals, glisten over the sparking running stream of consciousness and delight. As her partner in crime, Joel Piedt, fulfills their notion for what music can be, they tell a compelling sweep of cinematic vibes in that shimmering of contention.

Joel stated: “”It’s been a special one for many reasons… It feels like where it landed is where I always envisioned it could be but just didn’t know how to get to. It’s a bizarre sensation when you finally find it though. Like “Ah, there you are. Where have you been all this time?” Or maybe it was waiting for me. I don’t know.”

The new EP ‘I Wasn’t Well’ is out from the duo, Carrousel. And within it, there are 4 tracks that offer a smorgasbord of sights and sounds, both fleeting and gripping.



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