Carter Vail ‘Andrew (revisited)’ : Visceral and jungle depth howls of honesty.

Carter Vail

Carter Vail’s debut full length album, ‘red eyes’, serves as a collage of the last four years. And as always, Carter’s visceral and jungle depth howls of honesty, explode in ‘Andrew’. Above the distorted guitars and glittering synths, Carter’s lyrics highlight the changes that take place in one’s twenties.

In ‘red eyes’, the songs sometimes ethereal and symbolic, imbue transparency, longing and subjective in all that is a photograph of ‘that’ certain moment.

While Carter Vail was finishing up his degree at the University of Miami, he launched his recording artist career releasing debut single, ‘Melatonin’in May of 2018, which currently has 1M+ plays on Spotify.

Carter currently is running Happy Camper Studios in Nashville, with his band mates.


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