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Carter Vail Shares ‘Melatonin’. You kissed me, I kissed you.

Rolling on the high of being in that convertible. We were so happy then. You and I held hands and frolicked in the vision of that summer enclave. Sunshine and sun-kisses on that sandy of beaches. Your freckles keeping me in love with you, from first look to current. The beach locked hair strands over your dainty nose and hazel green beauties. We were puppies in that milkshake sweetness.

You kissed me, I kissed you. Our salty lips, tasting of that saliva we truly adored.

Your doe eyes, beckoned me to kiss you more. I wanted you to look at me – through to my soul.

And you did.

My heart fell into a bed of sweet pine florals, remembering the aromatic kindness I loved.

Your arms caressing, un-packing my un-salvageable thoughts – freeing me from the torture.

“Finally, it’s here,” I said to myself.

You nodded, with the supportive smirk you do so well.

Come back to me.



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