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Carver Baronda Shares ‘Devotion’. “Within that storm of goodness.”

CARVER BARONDA is a songwriter/musician based in New Orleans. EP ‘Spooky Love’ (October 18) is her studio debut and offers a jam packed list of vibes that include pop, garage rock, and the lonesome, eerie side of American roots music. And within that storm of goodness, there is the single ‘Devotion’.

Carver started out performing music busking on Royal Street, and over time built a large repertoire of folk, blues, old-time, and early country. After a few years of splitting her time between living in New Orleans and traveling North America playing traditional folk music, she began writing her own songs.

​In June of 2019 she released a collection of cassette 4-track home recordings called, ‘Salt Spring Island Tapes’. Recorded during the winter of 2016 in the attic of a seaside barn, the surreal, lo-fi folk album features dreamy steel guitar, layered vocals, and narrative storytelling.

In the years since making Salt Spring Island Tapes, Baronda’s music has quickly evolved to reflect a broader range of her influences and sensibilities, blending folk and country-inspired songwriting with garage and indie rock aesthetics.

Carver offers something that no one can offer. That is Carver herself. And in that mound of flesh and emotions, seeks a good path to exuding and celebrating with listeners and the public. Her yearning for sharing is deeply rooted in the songs that she constructs. It is evident in the lo-fi Americana ambience of ‘Devotion’ and beyond.

It is a calling for something drastic.

And Carver feels it deeply in her soul.



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