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Caryn Dixon // ESKEMO // Dylan Dunlap // AmPm // CRONICLE

Caryn Dixon – Running For Gold

‘Running For Gold’ was written in the city of Atlanta. As CARYN DIXON puts it: “The song is about letting go of perceptions and expectations and not letting anything hold you back from achieving your dreams or going for the gold.” The spunky attributes of Caryn is solidified in the chorus as she hits the high note. And within that high note, she climbs the mountains of ambitions. Through those ambitions, she relents nothing, but stridently and defiantly courses through channels that she has been working for, all her life. “Myself and my sisters have worked really hard over the years to make music our full time careers and we are very thankful for the opportunities that have been given to us to help us make those dreams a reality. This song is really a tribute to everything we’ve fought through to get to where we are.” The conviction to start. The vision to follow through. The messages of that caliber are inherent in this single.


French bandits of the heart, ESKEMO, brings their single ‘Ella’ to the fore. And the effervescent and lovely tones of the single, mixes into a cocktail of shimmer and come-of-age ambience that quickens your satisfaction. The band have supported artists such as Avril Lavigne, Zenith de Paris or Charlie Winston, Tom Frager and Amadou & Mariam. And after several years on hiatus, the band returns to triumph as ‘Ella’ delivers an enchantment of and about love that no one can ever destroy. The innocence and grandeur, succumb to no pressures from the outside world, as it multiplies to infinity and then some. The bright colors of those days in love, comes to life in a stadium-esque indie pop fest in this single. Look for more with a new album and tour announcements soon.

Dylan Dunlap – Do We Need To Go Out?

In his back pocket, DYLAN DUNLAP has a sense for the impossible. And with that notion, he pushes and prods to make his own road to prominence. ‘Do We Need To Go Out?’ is one of those singles where the chorus delivers in spades. It is a hammer of a dancey-groove that will get you hyped to be out on this glorious weekend. And maybe, just maybe, you may fall in love with her again, and again, as you hold and hold tight for the longing that never too far away. Dylan’s focus on his solo career is an exercise in “bridging the gap between pop and indie rock.” From a very personal level, the artist has dedicated his fight in heightening awareness and changing the zeitgeist for and of what mental illness can be. He fights with each song to invigorate the discussions and partnered with organizations like National Alliance on Mental Illness, Global Citizen, Autism Rocks and many more, to fight the good fight. See him next in Pasadena at the Food Truck Festival on May 31st.

AmPm – more

AmPm is a creative unit and duo which puts EDM sensibilities with synth-pop angles, delectably offering an ideal blend for their audience. Debuted in 2017, the Japanese artists have earned more than 45 million streams on Spotify. Featuring singer/songwriter DedachiKenta, ‘More’ offers the smooth jazzy funk that is indicative of falling in love and staying within that bliss. The classic grooves dictate with shimmer and the track let’s you enjoy the breezy vibe that is melodiously, retro, current, future, and just so much fun. “You have more potentials and purposes in your life. Generally speaking, people tend to think that they have something missing in their identity. During the production, we rethought about how we have gotten to the current point of our life. Where we have been and what we have done there. Then we realized how happy we have been.” The band wants their fans and listeners to know that each of us have ‘value’ and don’t need extraneous things to add to make life happier. “They are not “less”, they are more.”


Melanie Mohlkert is CRONICLE. The pop songstress, stresses the depth in words and significance of the world that you inhabit. Urgency in prominence, relegate and exhume the monochrome dullness, into that possibility of brilliance. The calm understatement is described in this big version of ‘Fools’. A cautionary tale of sorts, the second single takes her rise to prominence. The anthemic grace of ‘Fools’ cannot be any clearer of the ambitions for the artist and of the message that carries within the fold of the song. Melanie cites the best in 90’s house and pop traditions to envelope the senses with writhing and brooding curtailment in ecstasy…euphoria. Catchy, hooky, the sultry vocals ratchet up the pastel strokes reminiscent of stars like Robyn and Lykke Li. Melanie stated: “We all know the meaning behind the expression ‘love is blind’. This song is about passing the point of being blinded by love – being a fool over someone. It’s about realising that no matter how crazy in love you are with somebody, it’s not always enough of a reason to stay. All your heart wants is to stay, but your mind knows it’s time to go. So you’re still there asking yourself, can we be fools again?” Love and being loved is hard. We’re glad CRONICLE is on our side.


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