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CASCADIA FAULT LINE Shares ‘Paper Stars’. “Project Born, Nurtured, Highlighted.”

CASCADIA FAULT LINE is a Liverpool based folk-rock-pop band and we think the dream-pop feel is Real and so very palpable. Especially with the definitive vocals of Rachael Dunn make this single ‘Paper Stars’ an experience straight out of the annuls of the late 1990’s. The delicious impact and hint of grunge-ballad, mixed in to the glorious arrangements of modern tastes in indie-rock, the single makes us ‘weep’ with joy and enthusiastic fervor.

Rachael Dunn, Marcus Mayes, and Dave Preece make up the band and from all indications, seems to be making lots of hay within their region.

We can see that CASCADIA FAULT LINE is a project born out of greater passions from the three. It’s the love of the craft, it’s the successes of each single.

It’s all about the music they make, and it’s fab to hear and see their effort bear fruit.

In any case, as we don’t know too much about the band, let’s all just listen to the single couple more times. It’ll be good for you health. Trust us. We’re definitely not doctors, but doctors of lovely music.




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