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Casey Golden Shares ‘All Of The Times’. “Frothy and demure. Unexpectedly pulls at your heartstrings.”

Frothy and demure, Casey Golden’s single ‘All Of The Times’ unexpectedly pulls at your heartstrings. Why? It’s a hard question. It might be because of the vulnerability that is shown by the arrangement. Or maybe, it is because of the disposition of Casey’s unique vocal expression. But it tugs, as you want to reach out to the protagonist, and pour on the empathy.

Off of his upcoming album, ‘II’ (November 22nd), ‘All of The Times’ (and his other singles) were recorded on a day off in Cologne, Germany during a European tour in 2018. And you can say that it’s a true snapshot into an artist’s life during a period of transformation.

“I wrote this album in a period of transition,” said Casey. “I wanted it to be a snapshot of my life how it was being played out at the time. Originally I chose to do it all in one day because of time constraints and because I knew we’d be fresh off tour so i thought it would be a good time to record. I wanted to capture a feeling. Even if it was a messy one or a nervous one. It was about what I was going through and what we were going through as a band. I’m glad it didn’t turn out perfect. Nothing in life is actually perfect and I think it’s nice to have an album reflect those incongruences.”

Backed up by his band which includes talents Connor Gallaher (Calexico), Andrew Collburg (Howe Gelb), and Grant Beyschau (The Myrrors), the album incorporates textures reminiscent of Alice Coltrane, with fuzed out psych freakouts that nod to the Tropicalia movement.

It’s a beaut.

Charming, avant-garde at times, and soothing.

Let’s ride.



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