Casey Wells ‘Seasons Are Blind’ : A chance to turn everything around, as they say.

Casey Wells

Charleston, South Carolina artist Casey Wells does happiness in ‘Seasons Are Blind’. It’s the way we go through it all. And not of the things that happen around us. It’s a hard thing to do, after all. Distractions are the norm of the day, the week, the month, our life times. But there’s one thing that you can manage.

And that is you. Your thoughts. Your actions. Your method of accepting it all.

A chance to turn everything around, as they say.

‘Seasons Are Blind’ is the notion that the world turns, with ‘no mind’ for us little creatures. So, let’s do the best we can, with the personal joy that we can muster. For ourselves. And maybe for others.

Good message Casey. Kudos.


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