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Cash and The WhiteLinez // Levi Lights On Project // Algorhythm // Bitter Moon // Holidae House

Cash and The WhiteLinez – This Way to America

NYC. Rock. Band. Something that is synonymous with the city that never sleeps, and the gang in CASH AND THE WHITELINEZ know it well. Headed by Francesco Civetta, the single ‘This Way To America’ is a direct vision in to ethereal consumptions in audible ecstasy. Listen to the drums, listen to the grinding chords, the formation of ice can be seen through the continental fault lines described in this song. The levers of power are big. But the powers of the small, in coordination, is bigger. Positivity is all that shines in this band.

Levi Lights On Project – Eyes Of A Child

Mental wellness is a challenge for so many. Mis-understandings, mis-givings, and unfettered lack of empathy sometimes gets in the way. Enlightenment is about both sides. Enlightenment is about all sides. Learning and expanding through the eyes of the other, is a though exercise that is more lacking in society, as it is prevalent. Levi wants the public to know. Levi wants more of humans know what ‘being humane’ can bring. Such an empathy is ideal. Can we get there? Together we might. Levi thinks so.

Algorhythm – Pull The Trigger

Founded by Alexander Lioubimenko, ALGORHYTHM just sets your remaining hair on fire. A slow singe at the beginning, but it keeps on kicking up a notch, step by step. Horns, lovely enthralling lyrics, and experimental instrumental vibes keep you on your toes as proper prog-rock bands should. And boy ALGORHYTHM does it like a boss in this one. Based in the city that hits way above its belt, as far as innovative artists, the band is all about the expected, tinted with the unexpected. Where we think things should reside no? Heck yes. Listen to this jam and bop. Bop hard and burn. Hot! Hot!

Bitter Moon – Lait Renverse

BITTER MOON’s description on their FB page really encapsulates it all: “Once upon a cruise, a nightcap, a stranger dancing. Staring at the ocean in the moonlight, the kiss in Body Double. Bodies moving as the world falls asleep, snowflakes in the eyes. Building, destroying, building, destroying – soothing the brain, longing for harmony.” Exactly. When listening to ‘Lait Renverse’ you get a hefty sense when you think about the outrageous world that tries everyday to get into our brains. It does. And it makes us crazy sometimes, right? But That’s where BITTER MOON lives and interacts with calm and collection for us to dive into. Réka Csiszér and Simon Bernardoni makes up BITTER MOON, and like a tasty orange rind, the song is grand in its simplicity and its organic complexity.

Holidae House – Creature Comfort

Strolling down the street marked ‘permanence’, you dread the day you turned that corner. That corner a block from where all hopes and dreams were destroyed, once she left. Her eyes still emblazoned in your vision, her gaze never disappears and it haunts you from night to day. You scream out from the layers of frustration and the guilt of letting her go. She was the perfect one, and you, as the one who f*cks it up for yourself – always – just can’t take it all back. The Universe’s laws won’t let you. As the days and months straddle along that one straight path to madness, you are fully mired in all of the conscious darkness you’d secreted wanted to experience. “Why did you leave me? How could you leave me? Why have you made me…left me this way?” The echoes through the silence never gets settling, as you know this script from night after night of wanting and desiring. Lonesome and desperate, you’re lost, still in what she represented. “Will I ever get that feeling back??” HOLIDAE HOUSE’s haunting mixture of decadent guitar work and anticipatory anguish, deliciously wash over your soul in ‘Creature Comfort’. The single is the first salvo opened from this talented and mystifying ensemble of talent and shine. Brothers Ryan and Grant Logan started the Portland, Oregon based band. Their compatriots Ryan Alexander and Alex Thompson completes this promise.


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