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Casper Sun Shares ‘Flutter’. Speculation Is A Good Fuel For Some Fun.

It’s an odd thing these days, the blurring of what rap vs. r&b vs. indie-pop is fabulously fascinating to us. And we sometimes get swept by that situation. It’s a good thing, in our eyes. For music is music, and interesting music is just interesting.

We think that’s where CASPER SUN comes in, and we think equally that it’s interesting at the least.

There’s no feel of any urgency with the music, nor any overt angst, but that’s not the interesting part of the single.

It’s the pinch of sarcastic nihilism heard in CS’s voice and lyrics. It’s what’s happening for the sake of happening. Not sure if that’s what was intended by CS, but was apparent from our angle, none the less.

Why is this portrayed? Was a girl implicated within this scenario?

Was the days just melting together in a ball of inconspicuous ‘blah’?

Or was this just a regular ol’ rant from, what we can gather, a normal suburbanite?

Who knows.

And we like it un-answered like this, as well. Speculation is a good fuel for some fun.

Well, at least that’s what we think at CHF.

We don’t know anything about CS, but seems like he’s got this project on some kind of projection, and looking forward to what he comes up with next in the future.



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