CASSINI: On September 15th the spacecraft will dive into Saturn, ending its 20 year mission.

September 15th, the Cassini spacecraft will destroy itself, diving into the atmosphere of Saturn – ending a 33 year collaboration NASA, ESA (the European Space Agency), and ISA (the Italian Space Agency). The Saturn mission itself lasted 13 years.


– Plans for the spacecraft starts in 1984
– The spacecraft launched (Oct 1997)
– First flyby of Venus (April 1998)
– Exploring the Asteroid Belt (Dec 1999 – Apr 2000)
– Exploring Jupiter (Dec 2000)
– Exploring Saturn & its Moons (Apr 2004 – Sept 2017)
– Dive into Saturn and End of Mission (Sept 2017)

In its last breathe, Cassini will dive deeper than ever into Saturn and with it send the last bits of data to Earth.

Where to Keep Track:
NASA / The Grand Finale
2 Day Tour @ JPL

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