Castells ‘Viola’ : Profoundly modern vibes, deliver with pitch perfect ambience.

Castells / Photo: Laurence Howe Photo

“‘Viola’ was inspired by a drunken romance with a stranger,” said the Castells. “The kind of romance which feels like a lifetime but it only lasts the night, and then by the morning is gone again. ‘Viola’ was one of the first songs we wrote which told the story of a situation exactly how it happened and if you look at the lyrics within the song they paint a perfect picture of the night.”

Yep. That’s how summer sounds like. ‘Viola’ brings back the memories of such fun and stress-less parts of our lives. But at the same time, pushes you towards that future horizon, of new opportunities and loves.

Castells are a Kent based, Indie-Rock quartet, with huge character, powerful melodies and unforgettable driving choruses. Since the end of 2018 the band have been building a loyal following performing at sold out shows in venues such as Omeara, Camden Assembly, Moth Club and The Garage; supporting bands including Luna Bay, Spinn, Youth Killed it and Only Sun.

With a wing and a prayer-like effervescence, in the best traditions that bands like Fall Out Boy and The All-American Rejects, the profoundly modern vibes of Castells, deliver with pitch perfect ambience.


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