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CASTLE PINES Shares ‘Woo Hoo’. “Okay,” She Replied. “I knew that.”

Shooting the breeze, we didn’t connect. I tried. Hard. It was a struggle to even get some kind of substance to our new relationship. You see it had just started 10 minutes ago. She was sitting at the convenient store’s parking lot curb. She was eating some Twizzlers.

I came out of that store with a big coke, a Danish, and a bag with 2 hotdogs for later on in the day. The day was a bit mild for middle of the summer, but I still wore my shorts. know… it’s summer.

As I got to where she was sitting, I stood there for a moment and glared at the traffic on the road. It was technically a highway, but it was a through-way of sorts. Which meant it used to be a main artery for traffic, but now, it wasn’t as busy as before the mega-highway was built there like late 1960’s or so I’ve been told.

I noticed she glanced up and looked at my silhouette, against the beating sunlight coming from the heavens. Then she promptly scoured me up and down, then went back to checking her iPhone.

Then I stood there, awkwardly, for a minute more – seeking in my dull mind, what I need to do to approach her.

“Day’s looking nice. Looks like it won’t rain,” is what I came up with, like an old man trying to start up a conversation at the fair with other old men.

“Yep. The day should go smooth, from here.”

She glanced up at me again, in a confused state: “Excuse me?”

“Oh, I was just saying that the weather pattern was in a constant flow and is fairly predictable today.”

I slapped my palm, virtually, in my mind because of this cheesy line. Geeze, she’ll look right through this ploy!

“Okay,” she replied. “I knew that.”

My heart jumped for joy, as her reply wasn’t totally negative. Wow!

“Hi. Name’s James. What’s yours? And what are you up to?”

‘Woo Hoo’ is the latest single released from this band named CASTLE PINES. And from this angle, it boasts the influence of bands like The Talking Heads, and LCD Soundsystem. It’s a song of moments, tied intimately to normal discussions and replied – within and without.

The gang wrote this song with some inspiration from the famed novel ‘The Stranger’ by Albert Camus (one of our favorite reads, as well) – the French philosopher and writer primarily known for his tact on nihilism and what it means to be in this world of the unrelenting constance of the Universe, with you or without you.

Who knows. No one can know. But we can use art to express our deepest desires and trepidations.

So, there’s nothing to be decimated about. You are you, and go forward. Absorb the normality of the absurd. Enjoy the rarity of the fantastical.

Castle Pines consists of: Leandro Barrientos, Sterling Fairfield, Jesse Briseno, and Ricky Garvey.

Check this band out and dig their thoughtful songs, and fun nature of their outputs.




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