Cat and the Queen ‘Troubling Eyes’ : It’s a rabbit hole you’ll never want to get out of.

Cat and the Queen

‘Troubling Eyes’ is a track off of Toronto artist Cat and the Queen’s upcoming LP Heart For A Ride. A double-sided rollercoaster of emotion, the album explores each track in two different genres, Side A in dark electro-pop and Side B indie-rock.

“Many of my songs begin from a place of inner struggle, sadness, loss, disillusionment and often, they resolve with a sense of quiet clarity and peace. These songs have been swimming around me for a while. They’ve existed in different incarnations for a few years, and it was time to get them recorded and realized. I wanted to explore this collection of songs in two genres, I hear each song both ways.”

Writhe with the words of ‘Troubling Eyes’. Dance like a cat on the prowl. Where is your sense of dignity?! The question of sinking, deep inside the hearts of minds – nothing shakes more than your boots when within it. Cat and the Queen, delivers in that odd and off kilter gumption, tattering your dungarees in depth of blue tears.

It’s a rabbit hole you’ll never want to get out of.



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