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Cat Princess Shares ‘Me And Brigitte Bardot’ Off Of Debut Album ‘Silver Socks’.

Yep. It’s here finally. Seemed like it took forever for CAT PRINCESS’ debut album to drop, but it’s just because we wanted it so much. The Uppsala quintet keeps it rockin’ in ‘Silver Socks’ as they’d demonstrated so often in their singles. And boy do they demonstrate often.

‘Me And Brigitte Bardot’ is one of the singles and it again shows the breadth of the kind of inquisitiveness and valiant rousing that the listener can use to quench a part of their musical needs.

Reverent. Irreverent. Dancey. Quirky. The band is just one step away from a zoot suit of melodic psychosis that you just can’t help but just smile to the guitar driven fun.

The band stated on the debut album: “In essence the song is about the feeling of meeting that one person who kind of soars above it all and who brings you with them on the journey; someone with the alien ability to make you not give a shit about worldly things. We wanted to match that theme in the energy and the melodies of the song. We want the listener leave the ground with us. We all dig late 70:s Bryan Ferry and also wanted to capture his luxurious sound in some way, but make it a bit dirtier and Cat Princess-esque. The result was Silver Socks.”

CAT PRINCESS debuted in 2016 with the debut EP ‘Please Me’. The indie art-pop spirit is where they live and thrive. David Byrne would be proud.



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